About US

There is nothing like a reliable, all-purpose handyman. We pride ourselves on our reliability and superior customer service. From being your residential roofing contractor, to your expert in framing services, you can rely on us to provide you with high-quality workmanship that will last.

If you’re interested in door repairs, we’ve got the tools, so just tell us what to do! Perhaps you just want new construction for your home improvement project, such as house framing. Or maybe you need a quick-fix roof repair. Whatever the case may be, we lend a helping hand to any project you require. Quality is our top priority, and we provide it alongside the best prices around.

We offer excellent handyman services to best suit your needs. If you’re looking for assistance with bathroom kitchen remodeling, we are there to help. For the best in home, door, or drywall repair, contact us at Coyote Creek Home Repair in Elk Grove, CA today!

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